Our Story

It all began with my simple childhood recipe for oatmeal cookies—a recipe that was always in high demand by mom at family gatherings. Oatmeal cookies were actually the only cookies I knew how to bake growing up. An extremely picky eater, I began mixing and perfecting ingredients to suit my own taste buds. Very proudly, I became known as the "cookie queen" leaving lasting impressions on those who tasted my young imaginative efforts. Now a wife and mother of two, I have perfected those recipes which have been tried and tested by my children and family, friends and neighbors, and church groups eager to debut my creations at their countless social gatherings.

After being laid off from my job in June of 2003, I decided to put my skills to the test by selling cookies to the local community at large. I quickly obtained the proper licenses to start baking out of a small church kitchen. Within six months, the cookies were a sensation—flying off the shelves at several small establishments in Tacoma, Washington.

As life will have it, familiar opportunities arose, and I eventually went back to work in the corporate world. However, I couldn’t stop thinking about the endless possibilities of the cookie business. From a young age, I aspired to own my own business. Never had I imagined that it would surround my “famous” cookie recipe from childhood. It has been my entrepreneurial nature, support from my husband, encouragement from my family and friends, and my trust in God which has made it possible to launch Only Oatmeal Cookie Creations®.

It is now possible for everyone to enjoy my specialty cookies. Whether in the home, during the holidays, at corporate business affairs, weddings, baby showers or any special occasion, a selection of gift packaging is available to meet the needs of any social event or gift idea. Only Oatmeal Cookie Creations® is committed to the reinvention of a uniquely delicious spin on the traditional oatmeal cookie. Sweet, buttery and rich, one might reminisce a simple past of homemade cookies that were made with love.


Karina Blasco

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Only Oatmeal Cookie Creations®